Owls are among the wildlife that can be observed

For five years the Horatio Colony Nature Preserve, along with three other Cheshire County sites, took part in the Northern Saw-whet Owl Banding project. Project Coordinator Christine Volonte organized researchers and volunteers to scientifically catch, record, carefully band and release tiny owls in an effort to collect data on their biology and movement. This is part of a continent- wide study called Project Owlnet. For more info visit their web site at www.projectowlnet.org

The Horatio Colony Nature Preserve, in collaboration with the Chesterfield and Swanzey Conservation Commissions and the Monadnock Conservancy, worked to preserve a contiguous conserved green-way connecting the nature preserve with Pisgah State Park. Called the California Brook Project, these land parcels were put under conservation easements and a 9+ mile trail system called the Keene Connector now links the two sites. (For more information Go to Trails & Maps)

Examples of school projects done in collaboration with Antioch University New England include The Plant Communities Project in partnership with Monadnock Regional High School (MRHS) As part of their field research, MRHS 10th grade biology students mapped out, observed and identified unique plant communities at the preserve.

As part of a multi-level project, 3rd grade students from Franklin Elementary School studied and compared both human and wildlife shelters. Students studied animal homes at the preserve; learned how Native Americans built shelters; and explored the development of architectural styles by observing the various Colony family houses in Keene.

Antioch coordinated the restoration of the 1938 cabin built for Horatio Colony II at the preserve. MC2 students worked with a building restoration specialist to repair the dry-laid stone foundation; repair and paint walls; restore the roof; and design and install a permanent exhibit of three educational panels on the cabin interior.

For more info contact the Director of the Horatio Colony House Museum and Nature Preserve at 603 352-0460 and visit Antioch’s web site at www.antiochne.edu