Nature quests for children and adults.


A Quest is a fun way to learn about cultural sites and special open spaces in your community. Taking part in a Quest will help you learn about your natural and cultural heritage which will expand the knowledge of the place where you live.
A Quest is a game you can take part in with family and friends. It gets you outside. You learn new things about where you live. Plus you get exercise while having fun!

Here’s how a Quest works… with a map of a particular place and a series of clues hidden in poems, people explore an area until they find the “treasure box”. The box usually contains more information about the area along with a stamp or stencil of a logo for that particular site. People doing a Quest usually carry a note book to collect stamps as a record of the sites they visited. You can design and make your own personal stamp that you carry with you. Treasure boxes often have note books where those who have found the box can leave their own stamp marks as their signature. And they can write notes and comments about that particular Quest.

Here are the Quests available through the Horatio Colony House Museum and Nature Preserve in collaboration with Antioch University New England: